Les Clefs d’Or UAE Annual Meeting 2023 Elects New Excom and Inspires Hospitality Excellence”

11 July 2023 / By admin

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On the 10th of July 2023, history was written at the Taj Jumeirah Lakes Tower in the United Arab Emirates, as the esteemed association of Les Clefs d’Or UAE held its Annual General Meeting and conducted the crucial election day for the new Executive Committee for the term 2023-2026. This event marked a significant milestone in the organization’s journey as they bid farewell to the previous committee and embarked on a new chapter of leadership. The day was filled with anticipation, excitement, and fervor as the future of the association hung in the balance.


Stepping Down of the Previous Committee:

Before the commencement of the election proceedings, an emotional and touching announcement was made by the outgoing committee members. They took the stage one by one, sharing their experiences, achievements, and the moments that shaped their journey with Les Clefs d’Or UAE. It was a nostalgic yet inspiring moment for all attendees as they thanked the previous committee for their dedicated service and commitment to excellence in the hospitality industry.

“Running an association is not merely an administrative duty; it’s a transformative journey where members unite, and collective efforts shape the organization’s path towards greatness.”

Amartya Sen, Nobel Laureate in Economics

The Election presiding Committee:

To ensure the utmost transparency and integrity of the electoral process, an Election Observer Committee was formed. The committee comprised impartial and respected members within the association, who had no affiliation with the candidates running for various positions. Their primary responsibility was to oversee and monitor the entire election process, ensuring fairness, adherence to the rules, and the inclusion of all eligible members in the voting process.

As the day progressed, the excitement grew, and it was time to call out the nominations for the 13 executive committee positions. Each candidate’s name was announced, and their credentials were presented to the members. The aspiring candidates came from diverse backgrounds, each bringing a unique set of skills and experiences to the table. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation as the members waited to see who would be vying for the coveted positions.


The National President Nominees and Their Campaigns:


Among the most anticipated positions were those of the National President, 2nd Vice President, and 3rd Vice President. The nominees for these positions took the stage to present their visions, plans, and aspirations for the association’s future. They passionately laid out their ideas to take Les Clefs d’Or UAE to new heights, emphasizing their commitment to service, professionalism, and fostering strong relationships within the hospitality industry.


The Great Debate Campaign:


To further showcase their leadership qualities and convince the members to vote for them, the National President nominees engaged in a great debate campaign. The debate was a platform for them to express their thoughts on how they would address challenges, promote education and training, and create more significant networking opportunities for members. Their eloquence and deep understanding of the association’s goals demonstrated their genuine dedication to upholding the values of Les Clefs d’Or.


Spirit Among the Candidates:


Throughout the day, one could witness the spirit of camaraderie and healthy competition among the candidates. Despite being rivals during the election, there was mutual respect and appreciation for each other’s talents. Their passion for Les Clefs d’Or UAE and the desire to make a positive impact on the hospitality industry brought them together, transcending the boundaries of competition.


The Election Results:


After the long-awaited election day, the moment of truth arrived as the Election Presiding Committee declared the results. The atmosphere was charged with excitement and anxiety as members eagerly awaited the names of the new Executive Committee members. As each position was announced, applause and cheers filled the room. The winners accepted their roles with humility and determination, knowing that they had the trust and confidence of their fellow members.




The Les Clefs d’Or United Arab Emirates Annual General Meeting and Election Day 2023 was a grand success, showcasing the true spirit of hospitality professionals committed to excellence. The stepping down of the previous committee was a heartfelt moment of gratitude and reflection, while the election process was conducted with utmost transparency under the watchful eyes of the Election Observer Committee. The passionate campaigns and debates among the National President nominees demonstrated their dedication to the association’s cause. As the new Executive Committee takes the reins, they do so with a renewed commitment to uphold the legacy of Les Clefs d’Or and lead the organization to greater heights in the years to come.

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